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    Best Exceuses by Candidates for not Attending Interview

    My Bike/Car won’t start.
    It happens to many individuals and accordingly is a decent pardon. You can likewise go with any of the other normal mishaps that occur on the off chance that you like. That may make it marginally more unique. After all the vehicle inconvenience has been utilized a ton.

    A family member has died.

    Though it is a golden oldie that every recruiter has no doubt heard hundreds of times, what makes this one so good is that they really can’t say ‘that’s unacceptable.’ An important thing to consider, however, is that you don’t make the emergency too drastic. There is no need for somebody to have died, for example. Your mother has fainted, your grandmother broke her hip, or your little brother swallowed a marble really are good enough reasons. And as a bonus, if they invite you to come in for another job interview a few days later, they don’t require you to put on a show of misery.

    I’m too ill today.
    “The plague” might not be the way to go. Instead, anything that significantly impacts your functioning is good enough. Some people will suggest something like “the runs.” However, I wouldn’t go that way as dirty illnesses can end up getting associated with you, which can thereby reduce your chances of getting the job. Better to go with a migraine or the flu.

    I’ve gone to the wrong address
    A family member is ill and there is no one else to look after them.
    I’ve been in a bike/car accident.
    I’m in the hospital and can’t make a call.
    I’ve been told this morning I’ve got another interview at the same time today.
    I’ve got another job offer that I’m going to take.
    I’ve read bad reviews about the company.
    I’m stuck in traffic.
    I don’t want to go as my old boss works there.
    I don’t want to do this kind of work anymore.
    It’s just too far for me to travel.